Business Directories & Local SEO

Offsite citations are a common search engine optimisation tactic – especially when it comes to local SEO Melbourne. Offsite citations are essentially ‘mentions’ of your business (i.e. business name, address, contact details and maybe a short description) on another website. They should not be confused with backlinks. While they are an offsite SEO technique as well, citations don’t actually include a link. Generally, offsite citations appear in the form of directory listings.

Why they are useful

In a similar way to backlinks, offsite citations show Google that your website is popular; that is, it’s being ‘mentioned’ on other websites. This is an influential rankings factor, and works to boost site authority – which is great news when it comes to your search engine rankings. It’s also important to keep in mind that reputable directory listings are actually used by consumers – and therefore these listings have a use outside of directly affecting search engine rankings. Consumers may actually find your business via one of your directory listings; therefore, they have the ability to increase your income, read wmegroup reviews and know how?

Quality over quantity

These days, SEO is about quality rather than quantity. Like any reputable agency, WME Group aims to place their clients on high quality, well known directories.

Reputable directories include:

•    The Yellow Pages
•    Hot Frog
•    True Local
•    Yelp
•    Start Local
•    Womo
•    AussieWeb
•    Local Business Guide

It’s important to remember that there are many ‘spammy’ directories out there – you’re best to keep away from them.

Get results

Most businesses seek professional assistance when it comes to SEO. If you’re looking for an agency that offers online marketing in Melbourne or Sydney, you should have plenty to choose from. There are also plenty of firms across other parts of Australia; digital marketing is booming. The good agencies will have regular (reputable) directories that they submit their clients’ details to – all the research is done for you.

Of course, it pays to make sure your agency of choice is legitimate. SEO in Adelaide at money return gurantee a lot of agencies have the ‘leg-work’ done overseas to cut costs. It’s these sorts of agencies that could place your business on poor quality directories, so be careful!

The bottom line? Offsite citations (business directory listings) are a very effective SEO tactic that can also increase website traffic. However like most things SEO-related, they only work when carried out properly – and therefore it’s important to find a digital agency that you can trust.